Women's Skorts

Love the skirt's look but crave shorts' comfort? That's where skorts come in! They're a stylish addition for tennis or golf. Our women's skorts collection offers plenty of choices for your style. From bubblegum, white, and ivory skorts to vibrant hues, we've got your color preferences covered!

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    Skorts for women

    Skorts for women are versatile and go well with a wide range of outfits. But their popularity stems from their use among women who maintain an active lifestyle. With the number of women runners increasing, finding an outfit that boosts mobility and looks good has become essential.

    Skorts do not ride up and make the wearer uncomfortable like a regular skirt. Similarly, many women feel self-conscious wearing shorts while running. Skorts provide a feasible solution for such problems and put the wearer’s mind at ease. Many top sportswear brands have introduced skorts, particularly for women with an athletic lifestyle. Moreover, skorts are worn casually, paired with a simple shirt or crop top, for a fun day out.

    Skort type Features
    Tennis Comfortable and breathable material
    Golf 14-20 inches long
    Outdoor Versatile for casual outings
    Swimming Stretchable material
    Running Chic yet practical

    Women’s tennis skort

    Up until recently, women majorly wore mini skirts while playing tennis. Many opinionated that skirts were uncomfortable for tennis players, which is where the idea of women’s tennis skorts cropped up. A women’s tennis skort is a good idea for the following reasons.

    • Women’s tennis skort is highly comfortable and keeps the wearer cool even in hot weather. The material of women's tennis skort is light and breathable.
    • Tennis is a sport that requires players to be physically active at all times. Skirts enable high mobility and do not hinder the wearer from giving their best shot.
    • While skorts are practical, like shorts, they are more attractive in design. The wearer can look good in the court without compromising on comfort.
    • It is easy to fit into a pair of skorts; the process takes only a few seconds. Every tennis player wants to avoid struggling with a stubborn outfit before and after a sweaty match, and skorts make things hassle-free.

    Women’s golf skorts

    The demand for women’s golf skorts has risen sharply in the past few years. It is now the most beloved outfit option in many countries among golfers. As golfing is not as physically exertive as tennis, women’s golf skorts are slightly longer at 14-20 inches. The elegance and convenience of women’s golf skorts make them popular, and many find them a welcome change from skirts, which are not always practical.

    Women’s outdoor skorts

    Wear skorts with a cute, multi-colored top on a day out.

    The usage of skorts is not limited to sportswear. Women’s outdoor skorts are currently in demand and come in various sizes and styles. They come in different fabrics, such as cotton, denim and linen. For instance, many prefer to wear skorts during road trips for better comfort. Some wear denim skirts during small birthday parties, keeping in mind their visual appeal. Skorts make the perfect casual outfit when paired with minimalist tops and sandals. Women’s outdoor skorts are ideal for lively date nights, especially when embellished with sequins.

    Swim skort for women

    Swim skort for women provides the right amount for coverup while ensuring mobility and comfort. Many find themselves more confident while swimming in swim skorts than traditional alternatives. Swim skort material is stretchy and comfortable and does not generally cause ride-up issues. They make a fabulous swimwear option for women and children alike.

    Women’s running skort

    A women’s running skort is comfortable and visually appealing. It is why many women runners consider it to be the best invention in the past few years. While shorts might seem like a good option for runners, they do not look as chic as skorts.

    Due to the blow-up in demand, women’s running skort options are now abundant. Several colors, primarily black, pink and blue, have attractive patterns. Some skorts have roomy pockets, a feature that women runners greatly appreciate.

    All in all, the versatility of skorts is unmatched, and they are worth trying out for women of all age groups.

    Frequently asked questions about skorts for women

    Skorts are practical alternatives to wearing regular shorts or skirts. They combine the best of both worlds by providing the stylishness of a skirt and the comfort of a pair of shorts. 

    You can wear a simple t-shirt, a crop top or a button-down shirt with skorts. They are highly versatile and go well with different types of tops. 

    Skirts are visually appealing but are only sometimes practical or comfortable, particularly while engaging in physical activities. Skorts for women resolve the issue by enhancing the wearer’s mobility and convenience. 

    While many consider skorts ideal for children, many women wear skorts for different occasions, including golfing and running. 

    The shorts part of the skorts should cling to the skin, while the skirt area should be more loose fitting. 

    Skorts that are not stretchy are likely to ride up, which is unpleasant. Opt for loose-fitting and size-appropriate skorts that are stretchable to prevent the issue. 

    Yes, skorts are ideal for walking as they allow easy and unrestricted movement. 

    Skorts are highly comfortable, especially in comparison to regular skirts. 

    Typically, skorts for women are 14-18 inches long and never go beyond the knee. The shorts part of a skort is typically short enough to hide behind the skirt part.