Kimono Dresses for Women

Our collections of women's swimsuits include a wide variety of styles, including the popular kimono dress. This versatile piece of clothing can be worn as a beach cover-up or dressed up for a night out. Our selection includes long kimono dresses and kimono beach dresses, as well as kimonos to wear over a dress for added flair. We also offer kimono clothing sets, including kimono robes with matching belts, for a complete and stylish look.

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Buy the Modern Kimono Dress

Modern kimonos are a great way to incorporate traditional Japanese culture into your wardrobe while maintaining a modern and fashionable look. Buy from the various styles, including contemporary prints and designs that can be easily added to your closet. They are made from fabrics such as silk, satin, and chiffon. You can always style your kimono with a few statement pieces to give it an upgrade.

If you are wondering which kimono dress is best for you, you can choose from an array of styles, including kimono abayas, kimono robes, kimono blazers and much more. What can you pair with your kimonos? Here’s a table to help.

Types of Kimonos

What you can pair it with

Kimono jackets 

Dresses, jumpsuits, jeans and t-shirt

Chiffon kimonos


Kimono sets

With tank tops

Kimono dresses

Belts and sashes that accentuate the outfit

The kimono dress comes in many options and can work as an all-in-one outfit. You could wear it to work or style it as the perfect party wear. Usually wrapped around the body and adjusted to the body type, kimonos offer a range of styles.

Shop the Newest Trends in Kimonos for Women

Kimonos for women are designed to accentuate their natural features effortlessly. They are beautiful, comfortable, and easy to wear. All you have to do is pull them over your shoulders and tie the belt across your waist. Shop from our latest collection, and you’re ready to head out the door looking and feeling confident.

Kimonos are easy to shop for as most pieces come in free-size. However, some of the designs come in sizes ranging from petite to plus size. Chic le Frique also offers next-day delivery to its customers in Dubai, making it seamless to shop for kimonos in the city. If you are looking for the different kimonos available, here's a list to help you.

  • The black kimono mini dress
  • Kimono abayas
  • Embroidered kimonos
  • Chiffon kimonos
  • Kimono robes
  • Kimonos for the beach

The classics: Black kimono mini dress

A simple black kimono mini dress can do wonders for your wardrobe. It is that one outfit that manages to be simple yet stunning. Black is a color that flatters almost all skin tones and can be easily incorporated into your everyday style. Pair your black kimono mini dress with golden hoops or high heels to create a chic and sophisticated look.

Kimono abayas

Kimonos come in various lengths to suit all preferences. A kimono abaya is a floor-length option that offers the modesty and fluidity of the abaya with the unique approach of the kimono. Abayas stick to the laws of modest clothing, and the kimono version brings a fresh take on it.

Kimono abayas are ideal for switching up from your regular abaya and trying something new.

Embroidered kimonos

Kimonos with intricate detailing have always been popular among women looking for traditional and cultural elements. Embroidered kimonos are unique and designed using motifs and traditional patterns. Heavily embroidered kimonos are often worn to events of cultural or ethnic importance.

Chiffon kimonos

Buy chiffon kimonos, the modern version of the traditional kimono, made lighter and free-flowing. They are gorgeous to look at and extremely comfortable to wear. These kimonos are typically worn as a casual coverup to elevate your everyday outfits. They are also perfect as beach coverups during the summer.

Chiffon kimono jackets

Like chiffon kimonos, the jacket version combines smart tailoring and fluidity. They are shorter and can be worn over t-shirts and tank tops. The jacket adds a layer of street-style finesse to your outfit. Check out Chic le Frique's collection of kimono jackets to find your favorite piece.

Kimono robes

Kimono robes for women are their go-to when lounging at home on a Sunday afternoon. They are breathable and make room for the wearer to move around comfortably. Kimono robes are also fun to shop for, as there are many variations. They are comfy and chic, an answer to all women's prayers.

Kimonos for the beach

Kimonos are most popular as beach coverups. They are extremely easy to carry around and even easier to put on. The dresses come in various designs and patterns, something for every beach party. If you don't like long kimonos, you can always find shorter ones to fit your style.     

Check Out Our Signature Kimonos

As a Dubai-based brand, we bring the timeless elegance and beauty of the kimono to the Middle East. With an edgy approach, we are committed to providing our customers with the best online shopping experience possible.

"Kimonos are versatile and a great addition to any wardrobe."

If kimono robes and abayas aren't for you, you can always wear kimono cardigans and blazers during the cooler months to change your winter closet.

The kimono cardigan

Adapting the kimono for the winter months allows fascinating blends of style and fabric. Kimono cardigans are highly sought-after winter staples that offer an effortless look to the day's outfit. Staying faithful to its traditional silhouette, the winter kimono is a certified beauty. They are the easiest way to add a little boho chic to your wardrobe.

The kimono blazer

Like the jacket, the blazer is seen with structured tailoring and little details that make the kimono blazer professional's go-to. It maintains its gentle flowy silhouette while mixing in sharp contours to present a modern edge. Why stick to your everyday blazer when you can switch things up with a kimono blazer? Buy a kimono blazer that suits your style and you’re ready for all the meetings you have lined up.

Look out for the bride's kimono

Kimonos for brides are usually white or pastel pink in color. The bride wears it as she gets ready for her big day. It is the perfect outfit for the makeup chair. Brides and bridesmaids usually have their kimonos custom-made with names or initials. It is a great way to personalize the wedding experience.

Frequently asked questions about kimonos

No, as long as the Japanese culture is respected and not fetishized, there are no rules to wearing a kimono. Kimonos are versatile and look great on every body type and gender.

The kimono offers various styles, colors, and finishes that could be worn in a professional setting, on a casual day out, or at a great party. The options are endless!

Wearing jewelry with silk kimonos is frowned upon. Silk kimonos are fragile and can snag easily on jewelry; hence it is recommended that all jewelry and watches are taken off. Kimonos made of other materials do not snag, which means you can accessorize however you please.

Kimonos come in various lengths. While traditional kimonos are not meant to be revealing, a boho kimono worn to the beach or with a pair of shorts is a style statement.

Traditionally, kimonos must be worn with specific undergarments in Japan, but Japanese people today do not follow the rule. Modern kimonos like the boho or abaya kimono can be worn with regular underwear.

The linen kimonos were known for their breathability, which makes them ideal for warmer weather to sleep in.

The traditional Japanese kimono has multiple accessories integral to the garment’s wear and structure. Modern contemporary kimonos don’t have such accessories.

Traditional kimonos are best worn with their sandals. That isn’t required for contemporary kimonos, as you can pair them with any footwear.