An elegant attire that can be worn to your next family gathering, the kaftan is everything you have wished for. It is comfortable to wear and flattering in all the right ways. If you’re looking to buy a kaftan online, you've found yourself in the right place.

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Kaftan Dress

Kaftan dresses have evolved over the years from their traditional form through the addition of modern elements. The attire originated in the Mesopotamian era and was popular with the Ottomans. It is now an extremely versatile garment that can be styled in multiple ways depending on the occasion. There is a range of different styles available in kaftans. Here's a categorization that could be of help.

Kaftan Type Relevant Occasion
Kaftan Abaya/Ramadan Kaftan To wear in Middle-Eastern countries and casual wear over dresses.
Designer Kaftan Dresses For formal gatherings like weddings, office gatherings, and bridal showers.
Kaftan Tops Casual wear for birthday parties, picnics, or shopping
Evening Wear Kaftans (Chiffon/Lace/Sparkly) For formal gatherings like dinners and date nights.
Moroccan Kaftan For trendy events and picnics.
Beach Kaftan For beach and pool days

Depending on your style and comfort, you can always find a fit that is appropriate for your wardrobe. Go through Chic le Frique’s collection for a range of exciting options.

The Perfect Kaftan in Dubai

"A kaftan exudes luxury and is the ideal outfit for anything grand."   A kaftan might be suitable if you are in Dubai and looking to dress a little traditionally. The Middle East's connection to the garment's heritage makes it the ideal destination to wear one. Moreover, the summers can be extremely hot, and kaftans will be a comfortable fit. The kaftan dress also holds a striking resemblance to the traditional abaya. Dubai is home to some of the most beautiful cultural attractions and is the perfect place to find yourself a kaftan.


Looking for what to wear as you walk through the souks in the city? Think no more; the kaftan is the outfit for you.

Kaftan Abaya

As the name suggests, the kaftan abaya combines two trendy garments in the Middle East. Coming together, it has more flair and grandeur, making it a favorite among fashion enthusiasts in the Arab world. The attire provides more coverage and is preferred by many modest dressers. Kaftan abayas can be worn to gatherings with friends and family or on formal occasions. A wide range of designs can be found in this category, making it easy to find one suitable for every occasion.

Kaftan Dresses in Dubai

Kaftan dresses in Dubai are designed intricately with exquisite embroidery. The dress offers a gown-like variant that fits your form and is usually accompanied by a traditional belt. Free-flowing kaftans are great when you are touring the city during the afternoons, as they are breathable and comfortable. Velvet and chiffon kaftan dresses with royal embroidery are breathtaking finds you mustn't miss.

Kaftans for Ramadan?

The holy month of Ramadan is an incredibly important time in the UAE. If you are looking for new additions to your wardrobe, kaftans are an affordable and modest option. A Moroccan kaftan will be an appropriate choice if you plan to host or attend an iftar event. Ramadan kaftans commonly refer to ankle-length variants of the attire, which provide modest coverage and are designed with traditional embellishments. They are great for lounging at home thanks to their comfortable fabric and free-flowing form. You can always pair your Ramadan kaftans with a georgette scarf to create a more complex look.

Kaftans for Women

Kaftans come in various shapes and sizes, making it easier to pair them with many outfits. You can pair your kaftan with the following dresses:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Dungaree
  • Mini dress
  • Beachwear

Below are a few varieties of kaftans for women that you need to get your hands on.

Designer Kaftan Dresses

Designer kaftan dresses include options perfect for formal gatherings such as weddings and office get-togethers. You can opt for velvet fabric with sequin or embroidery. On the other hand, an elegant lace kaftan dress can make a subtle statement. A kimono dress is another alternative if you are looking for a designer outfit for similar occasions. 

Kaftan Tops

Kaftan tops are the perfect semi-formal attire for brunches or shopping sprees with your friends. They are versatile and can be styled with your jeans, skirts, sneakers, and more. Kaftan tops are similar to short kaftan dresses and can be worn alone. Knee-length boots are often paired with them.

Evening Wear Kaftans

Evening wear kaftans come in various fabrics to cater to different event requirements. Most kaftans for women are meant for formal gatherings. However, the wide variety makes it possible to find different kinds for different occasions. From chiffon kaftans to sparkly ones, there are so many options available. Thus, whether you are planning a work dinner or your child's birthday party, evening wear kaftans can be a suitable choice.

Chiffon Kaftan

A chiffon kaftan can be a body-hugging glamorous one-piece or loose flowy light attire, depending on your needs. To add a classic touch, you can embellish your kaftan with sequined patterns or intricate embroidery. Adding a matching belt to your kaftan dress would instill an edgy touch.

Lace Kaftan Dress

A lace kaftan dress defines feminine elegance and grace. It is perfect for when you want to make a memorable appearance. A simple lace kaftan dress will have you looking like a greek goddess. Having said that, when it comes to lace, less is more.

Sparkly Kaftan

A sparkly kaftan dress is a fun addition to your collection. Created with fabrics such as polyester and georgette, a sparkly kaftan is comfortable and usually lightweight. It is best to get a ready-made piece as it can be challenging to get it tailor-made. Chic le Frique has a remarkable collection of ready-made kaftans. All you have to do is pick your favorite. Kaftan dresses in the UAE typically sell as the first choice for weddings and intimate celebrations. You can always pair your sparkly kaftan with tights and high heels to accentuate your height.

Get to Know the Celebrated Moroccan Kaftan

The Moroccan kaftan is typically ornate and intricate in design and embroidery. It is considered a staple attire for many middle-eastern women.

kaftan dress

The Moroccan kaftan is not worn on a daily but for special occasions. Are you heading to a middle-eastern wedding? A Moroccan kaftan is a great choice.

Moroccan Kaftan in Dubai

The Moroccan kaftan is perfect for your next holiday trip. It is a fancy variety of the kaftan, which has embroidery down its front and heavily sequined sleeves. The Dubai kaftan dress is perfect for an intimate dinner date or a family event such as an engagement. Moroccan kaftans in Dubai are not hard to find. With Chic le Frique, a range of styles are available, making it an excellent platform for kaftan shopping.

Beach Kaftan

The beach kaftan works as a cover-up for your swimwear and beachwear. It is the fusion of traditional kaftan and casual wear. It is a contemporary fashion piece that is essential to every woman's summer wardrobe. The beach kaftan is as important as your favorite sunblock on beach day. You can adorn this feather-light piece and enjoy the breeze or wear it over your swimsuit.

Short Kaftan Dress

A short kaftan dress is a popular choice due to its flexible wearability. The patterns and tie-die style of the dresses instill a carefree vibe that is perfect for vacation. If you feel experimental, you can DIY a short kaftan dress by cutting longer kaftans for women. Pair it up with a funky pair of tights or a jeans skirt, and you're ready to head to your next summer party.

Discover Kaftan Dresses Online

Chic le Frique is an excellent destination to find beautifully designed kaftans in Dubai. The kaftan is a traditional attire adapted over the years to fit modern women's needs. Find a collection suitable for your wardrobe with a quick scroll through our online store. Comfortable, trendy and contemporary, we have it all.

Buy Kaftan Online

Kaftan sizes are easy to navigate and, therefore, perfect for online shopping. Buying kaftans online will have you selecting from a range of patterns and styles. Once you find something you like, all you have to do is add to cart!

Frequently asked questions about kaftans

You can wear a Kaftan in Dubai. Furthermore, you’ll find that it’s famous in the region due to its cultural significance. Other middle-eastern and Muslim regions also allow you to wear the Kaftan.

You may wear a caftan in public. The silk and velvet types are appropriate for formal gatherings. Also, the cotton and lawn caftans are good for casual wear and brunches.

It isn’t compulsory to wear something under a kaftan. You can pair the longer kaftans with gladiator sandals or tights if the weather demands. You should see what the model is wearing when you buy kaftan online.

Furthermore, a thigh-length kaftan goes well with a skirt or shorts. Seasons and cultural norms can impact what you wear underneath your kaftan.

You can wear a kaftan to a work party. Furthermore, your attire will be appreciated if you are an employee of a creative organization. However, a typical kaftan isn’t suitable for a corporate environment.

A kaftan can be the perfect outfit for dinners. Whether it is a formal dinner or a family event, you will find a suitable kaftan for each. 

A Kaftan is a dress worn at formal gatherings. It originates from Mesopotamian eras and has been heavily endorsed by middle-eastern regions.

If your wear a lawn kaftan, it is perfect for summer.

Its Mesopotamian inventors used the Persian name kaftan for the attire.

You can wear inner garments as you do for any other dress, such as a sundress or frock.

Kaftans are flowy fabrics with sufficient room. Thus they are very comfortable.

Yes, you can wear a beach kaftan to the beach.