Ideal Outfits for Every Female Body Type

The fashion scene is constantly evolving, and finding a trend that flatters can be quite a challenge. The first step to dressing well is understanding the ideal female body type for an outfit and styling it accordingly. While you might have mastered the skill of dressing for the occasion, you may still need help finding what suits your body shape best.

Understanding the Different Ladies’ Body Shapes

The first step to finding the perfect outfit is understanding your unique body type. This will equip you to make the right selection when you go shopping. From body-hugging fits for petite figures to oversized tops for broad shoulders, there is much to think about when styling an outfit for your next night out. Don’t know what your body shape is? Here are some of the most popular types and their characteristics.

  • Round or Apple
  • Triangle or Pear
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Rectangular
  • Hourglass

Round or Apple

Women with a round or apple body shape carry most of their weight around the midsection of their body. They have a less-defined waistline with a larger bust and broader shoulders. Women in this category will find that there is little to no difference between their waist and hip measurements. It is also likely that they have slimmer legs and arms in comparison with their midsection.

If you’re looking for dressing tips, it is noteworthy that round-shaped women try to draw attention to their legs and arms while minimizing the focus on their midriff. A deep V-neck is perfect when you’re looking to create an illusion of a longer upper body. On the other hand, the apple-shaped body is not the ideal female body type for a figure-hugging outfit.

Triangle or Pear

You have a pear-shaped body if your hips and thighs are wider than your upper body. Women with this body type have narrower shoulders and a smaller bust, creating a slimmer upper half. Pear-shaped or triangle-shaped bodies are usually more petite with a smaller bone structure.

Styling an outfit for this body type focuses on striking a balance between the upper and lower half of your body. An oversized jacket with skin-fit jeans can do the job. It is best to avoid halter necklines and body-hugging tops for this body shape.

Inverted Triangle

Women with inverted triangle-shaped bodies will have an athletic-looking build. The body shape is characterized by broad shoulders and slimmer hips and thighs, creating a V-shaped silhouette. Women in this category might also have a defined waistline despite narrow hips.

Pencil skirts, padded jackets and skinny jeans are an excellent fit for this body shape.


The rectangular body shape has little to no definition. It is characterized by similar bust and hip measurements, which results in a straight and boxy appearance. Women with rectangular-shaped bodies tend to have longer and slender arms, contributing to their overall straight appearance.

If you have a rectangular-shaped body, A-line skirts and ruffled designs will suit you best. You can also experiment with sleeveless and strapless outfits to add more definition to your silhouette.


The hourglass figure is much adored by women all around the world. It is considered the most balanced of the female body types. With a proportionate top and bottom, it is also relatively easy to find outfits that flatter this body shape. A body-hugging maxi dress is your best friend if you have an hourglass figure.

Revamp Your Wardrobe with Figure-flattering Outfits

Once you have figured out your unique body shape, all you need to do is pick out some figure-flattering outfits. Don’t know where to get started? Here are a few suggestions on what will suit different ladies’ body shapes.

Body Type

Outfit Suggestions

Round or Apple

A V-neck top with an A-line skirt and comfortable footwear

Triangle or Pear

A scoop neck dress in a figure-fitting design

Inverted Triangle

A well-fitted top with skinny jeans and boots


Wear A-line dresses to create an illusion of curves


Wrap dresses that accentuate your waist or fitted tops that flaunt your curves

When it comes to fashion and styling, there are no rights and wrongs. Experiment with different styles and designs to see what suits you best. Always choose comfort over style, and you’re sure to look effortlessly chic.

Dress Right with the Right Guide

While there are no limits when looking for an outfit, it is always helpful to check out dresses that complement your body shape first. Find fits that make you feel comfortable and help you express yourself the best. You can also choose accessories that elevate your look and make it more suitable for the occasion. Apple, pear or hourglass, the options are endless when you’re looking for an outfit.