Sports Bra

Finding a well-fitted sports bra is key to a comfortable workout. They are designed to provide the wearer with support and reassurance while making them feel and look spectacular. Chic le Frique’s collection of sports bras brings together these two important factors and is your one-stop destination for all things sporty.

The perfect sports bra: It’s all about support

Providing the necessary support and comfort during physical activity, sports bras help reduce the risk of breast pain and injury. The type of sports bra you require will depend on the type of physical activity you engage in. While a low-impact sports bra is ideal for activities like yoga and pilates, it is essential to find high-impact bras when you enjoy running or skipping. 

Here’s a table of the popular types of sports bras and the features that make them suitable for different activities.

Types of sports bras


Compression bras

Compress the breasts against the chest to reduce movement and provide support.

Encapsulation bras

Hold the breasts separately, similar to an everyday bra

Combination bras

Provide the wearer with both compression and encapsulation 

High-impact bras

Designed for high-impact activities like running and jumping

Low-impact bras

Designed for activities that require minimal movement

Racerback bras

Provide extra support through straps that come together in the back

The right bra will fit snugly around your ribcage. It will neither ride up nor dig into your skin. Check out our catalog of fabulous sports bras to find your ideal workout partner.

The high-support sports bra

Designed for high-intensity activities like sprinting, HIIT, or boxing, a high-support sports bra is your ultimate workout companion. They ensure that the wearer does not feel discomfort during their workout. Depending on your cup size, you can decide which bra fits you best. It is ideal to find a pair with adjustable straps and secure closure.

Women with smaller breast sizes generally do not require high-support sports bras; medium-impact bras will do the job. However, you can always visit your nearest lingerie store to get fitted and know your requirements.  

Buy sports bras online 

You’ve tossed your favorite blue sports bra in the laundry, and now you’re stuck having to wear your regular bra to the gym. This calls for a quick bra shopping spree. Thankfully, buying sports bras has gotten easier with Chic le Frique. 

Be it a sports bra for teens or a cross-back, you have various options on our website. Wondering what to get? Check out these options to know what you like

  • Sports bra for girls
  • Cross-back sports bra
  • F-cup sports bra

Sports bra for girls

Young girls find it convenient to wear sports bras as they are easy to put on and provide adequate support. Low-impact sports bras can be worn daily, making them a favorite of teenagers who aren’t comfortable wearing regular bras.

Cross-back sports bra

The most significant benefit of a cross-back sports bra is its support. They are ideal for a woman who is always on the move. The right cross-back bra, designed with good quality fabric, is the perfect sports bra for most women. The cross-back sports bra is also called the cross-strap sports bra or racer-back bra.

Do you need the f cup sports bra?

You need an f cup sports bra if your bust measurement is 6 inches larger than the band measurement. The DDD cup is internationally known as the f cup. You can measure yourself to determine the right bra size for you. Getting in touch with an expert would be perfect.

Types of sports bras you should consider

When deciding to buy a sports bra, one should consider several factors. It is necessary to look at the material, the construction of the bra, and the size and fit. The ideal sports bra will stay securely in place throughout your workout. Finding bras made of moisture-wicking and breathable materials will be optimal for women who work out frequently. Here are a few types of sports bras you can try out next time you are shopping:

  • High-impact sports bras
  • Mid-impact sports bras
  • Padded sports bras
  • Full-support sports bras

High-impact sports bra

As the name suggests, high-impact sports bras are bras designed for vigorous physical activity. The cups fully cover the breasts and ensure that there is no gaping or spillage. High-impact bras ensure you feel no discomfort while doing your favorite sports activities. 

Mid-impact sports bra

Hitting the gym in style is always a boost of confidence, and what better way to do that than in a stylish sports bra? Chic le Frique’s range of mid-impact sports bras is the definition of sleek and comfortable. They are perfect for a regular day at the gym.

Padded sports bra

While most women prefer the non-padded variety of sports bras, it is common for them to opt for padded bras once in a while. Padded sports bras define the natural shape of the breasts as well as give them an extra push or boost. The type of bra you wear is also determined by personal preference. 

Full-support sports bra

If you require maximum coverage and support, full-support sports bras are the way to go. They are designed to cater to women who take part in high-impact sports. These bras are usually compressive and impressively secure. 

Sports bra sets: An easy decision

If getting ready for the gym needs to be a quick affair, sports bra sets are the solution. They let you avoid the hassle of shuffling through your wardrobe daily as you head to the gym. Sports bra sets on Chic le Frique are the epitome of functional and chic activewear. 

Sports bra and leggings

A sports bra and leggings set is the go-to outfit for most women. It is convenient for all workouts and lets you see your progress. Co-ords are back in style, making now the best time to grab your matching sports bra and leggings. 

Sports bra with shirt attached

If you would like more coverage, you can always opt for sports bras that come with a shirt attached. They will provide you with the support you require and ensure your comfort. Chic le Frique has a collection of sports bras with shirts attached that are ideal for any workout you have scheduled.

How to find your sports bra size

A well-fitted sports bra is expected to reduce movement by as much as 74%, offering women the opportunity to engage in their favorite activities without a care in the world. Before purchasing a sports bra, it is advisable to get measured again to find the right size. Once you’ve got a sports bra in your correct size, here are a few other things to check to see if you’ve got the right fit. 

  • Fit the band to make sure it is comfortable. You should ideally be able to fit two fingers between the band and your skin.
  • Check the straps to see if they are too tight or loose. Adjust the straps accordingly.
  • Ensure there are no gaps or wrinkles in the cups. The right cup size will have your breasts centered and contained in them. 
  • Try doing some of the activities you would do when you work out to see if the sports bra offers sufficient support.

The right sports bra will enhance your workout routine. You will feel confident and comfortable trying out all the activities planned on your workout schedule.

Frequently asked questions about sports bras

Women are advised to wear compression bras after breast implants. They provide breasts with the required support for a speedy recovery. They also ensure that the implants are positioned correctly.

It is advisable to wear compression bras or sports bras after breast augmentation as they ensure that breasts heal quickly.

You can get yourself measured at a nearby lingerie store or try it yourself with a measuring tape. Your sports bra size might differ slightly from your regular bra size.

Get yourself measured every time you get a sports bra. A sports bra should ideally fit snugly against your ribcage.

You can comfortably wear a sports bra for a whole day if it fits you right. However, it is unhygienic to wear your sports bra for that long.

Wearing a tight-fitting bra for long periods of time can lead to skin irritation and bacterial growth. Avoid wearing sports bras all the time to avoid infections.

You can wear your sports bra for about 6 months before it is ready to be switched up. This also depends on the number of times you wear the bra and how well you take care of it.

Sports bras can be worn regularly. Having said that, it is mostly worn by women when doing any form of physical activity.

Your sports bra should be washed after every wear. Since it is likely to contain sweat, it is essential to wash it regularly.

Women often wear sports bras to sleep as they are comfortable and easy to wear.

Sports bras should be washed after every use. This is to avoid odor and fungal growth resulting from excessive sweating.

Sports bras are not designed to enhance posture. They are focused on supporting breasts during physical activity.

It is healthy to wear sports bras as they are created to prevent women from feeling discomfort and pain while working out or engaging in any form of physical activity.